STARS Cares Kids Fund

Thanks to our partners who have made generous, tax-deductible contributions, the STARS Cares Fund has been able to help so many people who were in desperate need with no other resources. The fund provides necessities for clients on the road to recovery. Food, electricity, diapers, and housing assistance are some of the common things that Bridges has been able to provide through this specialized fund. Just listen to a couple of the testimonials:

“I have two kids at home, and I was in real danger of getting my SMUD turned off. I called on STARS and they helped us keep the electricity on and even provided diapers when it was impossible for me to find the money.” ~Parent

“I would like to thank Bridges for the STARS Cares Fund. If it weren’t for them, I would have no hope of getting my daughter returned. I had no one else to help me. I had done all I could, and STARS came through and helped me get a stable home and plan for the future so I can keep my family together.” ~Parent

If you would like to help families in crisis by donating to the STARS Cares Fund, Donate NOW by selecting your amount below via PayPal.