• Bridges' Promise House
  • Bridges' Promise House
  • Bridges' Promise House
  • Bridges' Promise House

Promise House

The Promise House from Bridges Inc.

At Bridges we understand that with addiction, every person's situation is different and in some cases it may require a more focused treatment approach. We believe addiction is a disease and that abstinence is the most effective way to manage the condition. Promise House residential provides the opportunity to focus completely on recovery without the distractions of everyday living. Utilizing evidenced based practices and the 12-step philosophies, we tailor treatment specifically for each client understanding that everyone enters the process of recovery with their own unique story and background.

Bridges women’s residential program, Promise House, is a state licensed 28 bed residential alcohol and drug treatment facility located in beautiful mid-town Sacramento. Promise House delivers evidence based, gender focused treatment modalities for women that are delivered in a culturally sensitive, beautifully decorated home setting. Our program promotes healing, teaches skills, instills trust, and empowers women to support their recovery after successful completion of the program. Clients can stay in our residential facility from 30 days up to 120 days.

A comprehensive range of evidence based, gender specific programming that treat and guide women toward concepts of withdrawal, recovery, an alcohol and drug free life style, relapse prevention, and familiarization with related community recovery resources include the following:

• Substance Abuse Education:

• Life Skills

• Anger Management

• Recovery Support

• Parenting Education

Using a multi-disciplinary approach; we design a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that provides the pathway of attainable goals for a lifetime of recovery. We support each client after successful completion of treatment by linking the individual with community recovery resources and aftercare treatment.