Detox Services

Detox Services from Bridges Inc.

After a person has been using substances for an extended length of time, their body will usually experience physical withdrawal symptoms when the person attempts to stop suddenly. The withdrawal phase is known to be extremely uncomfortable and accompanied by intense cravings. People attempting to withdrawal on their own are often unsuccessful because of the intensity of this phase both physically and mentally. Also, stopping without assistance can be dangerous, causing health problems that can be fatal. For many, a detox program is a necessary initial step in the recovery process. Our detoxification programs are designed to get clients through this withdrawal phase as smoothly as possible so they can be prepared for the next level of treatment.

Bridges highly trained staff will work with the physician and each individual on a personalized medically managed detox that will achieve the most successful outcomes during this process. The acute stages of detox can last anywhere from 3-14 days however the length of any withdrawal and detox depends on the individuals substance abuse history and overall physical health.

Our gender specific detox programs offer:

• A comfortable home like setting

• Private television

• Delicious home cooked meals

• Caring and knowledgeable staff

For information on detoxification services for men please contact Shawna at 916-706-2007. For information on detoxification services for women please contact Vernita at 916-452-3073.