Celebrating Families

Celebrating Families from Bridges Inc.

In an effort to break the cycle of addiction in dysfunctional families and to help promote healthy parenting; Bridges The STARS Program began offering Celebrating Families to our CPS involved clients in February of 2009. In this unique program, the entire family participates in educational groups and activities in order for both the parents and the children recover from the damage caused by alcohol and drug addiction. Sessions begin with a healthy meal eaten in family groups; followed by 90-minute, age-appropriate, cognitive-behavioral, skill building groups; and ending with a 30 minute structured, related Family Activity. The curriculum includes information on brain chemistry, addiction, life skills, resilience and asset development.

Celebrating Families directly addresses issues of addiction in every session and incorporates 12-step recovery principles. The goals of Celebrating Families are to increase positive parent/child relationships; increase parenting knowledge, skills and efficacy; increase family communication skills; increase family organization and decrease family conflict as well as excessive physical punishment. The sessions are designed to meet these goals through classes that teach each family member alternative coping skills, anger management techniques, healthier communication styles, appropriate boundaries, goal setting and alcohol and drug education.